Kosovo PM’s brother speaks out

Ragip Mustafa, the brother of Isa Mustafa, explained to local media on Tuesday that although he did ask for asylum, he is also a Bulgarian citizen and went to Germany legally.

In an exclusive interview given to the national TV channel Klan Kosova, the Prime Minister’s brother declared that he was allowed to travel to Schengen member states due to his Bulgarian citizenship. Mustafa has been suffering from a severe form of throat cancer for the past 12 years and was seeking treatment for his illness.

“I went to Germany by bus. I only asked asylum because of my throat,” said Mustafa, rasping for breath. In the past decade he has sought treatment in Kosovo, Macedonia, Hungary, Albania, Switzerland and Germany, and has had multiple surgeries.

“I did not go on foot, neither did I go illegally, I went normally with my own documents. I didn’t do anything against the law. I have the right to seek a cure,” said Mustafa. He furnished his Bulgarian documents as proof of his citizenship, which he received after he worked in the country for years. “I went there to seek treatment, not to become a president.”

Days ago local media outlet Insajderi revealed that the Prime Minister’s brother had sought asylum in Germany in 2015. The Prime Minister confirmed the news on his Facebook page. The author of the article claims that Mustafa also called him on the phone and threatened him.

Insajderi claimed that Mustafa had left with thousands of other Kosovars who left Kosovo via Hungary in early 2015.

“Some Albanians there told me it’s better to ask for asylum, because they might treat you for free, and since it is very costly I did apply,” admitted Mustafa, who returned a few days later without waiting for a decision about his asylum application.

He said that his brother “always bought my medicine, he always did, because I didn’t have enough money. Now, he says, “I have my pension, so I don’t ask him for money anymore.”

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23 March 2016 - 11:22

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