Mingling at the Back Garden

by 29/02/2016 - 16:43

A pub to soothe expat homesickness loses some of its old charm.

In case you haven’t heard, Back Garden has moved. From its former Narnia-esque location — the front augered a hole in the wall, but upon entering one found a spacious bar with an eponymous back garden — the local pub has moved to the Kafja e Vogel (Small Cafes) neighborhood.  The name Back Garden, however, doesn’t stand anymore. The new location is spacious, but it lacks the garden out back that used to make this place special. There will be seating out in front though when the weather is good and a central stove and couches make it a comfortable place to spend a few hours.

The new interior is lovely nevertheless – exposed bricks give the space a homey feel, while the seating arrangements are big and provide a necessary coziness of leaning back on a lazy Sunday when sports matches are usually playing.

Although the Back Garden is not my usual dive bar, it was my go to place for imported beer and a relaxed evening. Yet, with the new location this changed a bit when, with disappointment I discovered on my first visit that they weren’t carrying Guinness anymore. The second time I went, I was hungry and wanted to try their food, but the kitchen was closed. This was the second disappointment with the new Back Garden.Back Garden_004

On the third time, it was a Friday night and the place was packed. And that’s when I learned, that one had  to make reservations in the Back Garden — not the relaxed vibe you think of when a neighbourhood pub comes to mind!

I stayed for a drink amidst red-cheeked expats as they mingled, slurping gallons of German and Kosovar beer over fried foods.  No wonder then, that this place, judging by its Facebook page and the friendly staff, feels like a community to some. It however remains an obscure place for most of the Prishtinali who are more familiar with it as a nest for internationals.

Back Garden is still Prishtina’s best attempt at a traditional Irish pub, even if the imported beer is at the moment in low supply. Run by a Scotsman and an Irishman, the bar offers your run of the mill pub variety: omelettes and English breakfast, sunny side up eggs accompanied by toast and jam for breakfast; burgers and wings for dinner or in between drinks; with American football or rugby playing on the screens in the weekends. Besides Fridays, where one can rub shoulders with people on various missions, the locals have yet to discover the fun of the pub quiz which Back Garden hosts every Thursday night. Come prepared with a quirky team-name and bring the whiz in your friend group, and you  drinks are to be won. What else can you ask of a pub?

29 February 2016 - 16:43

Back Garden


Fehmi Agani st. 14


Daily: 8 -12 am.


Phone: +386 49 451 939
Facebook Page

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