Excavations next to the church. Photo: Lura Limani.

No mass grave found on Kosovo university campus

After two weeks of excavations, experts found no traces of human remains buried on the University of Prishtina campus.

After several days of excavations, forensics experts determined that there is no mass grave on the campus of the University of Prishtina, near the Serbian Orthodox Church, or behind the rectorate.

The excavations, ordered by the Special Prosecutor of Kosovo, began on July 13.  The prosecutor’s office and forensic experts suspected that a mass grave of Albanians killed during the war in 1999 had been buried in the yard of the University in central Prishtina.

Three different locations in the vicinity of the Serbian Orthodox Church were excavated during the past two weeks.

After excavations ended on the third and final site, the Special Prosecution notified the media that no human remains were found in the area.

“After two days of excavations on the third and final location on the University of Prishtina campus, no human remains have been found,” said the press release of the Special Prosecution.

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28 July 2016 - 17:21

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