Te Halimi: Go for the chicken

by Hana Marku21/11/2014 - 14:39


Te Halimi literally means “at Halimi’s.” And just who is Halimi? A quick visit to the restaurant’s website reveals the toothy smile of a white-haired man who looks to be the patriarch of a chicken dynasty.

Located both in Prishtina and Prizren, Te Halimi offers the Kosovar version of comfort food: a variety of meats, white bread, salt – and amazing, tender baked chicken.

You really have to go for the house chicken. You can either get half of a portion (3.50 euro) or an entire portion, but we found that a whole portion is just right for two hungry people. The chicken is generously marinated in salt, pepper, garlic and what tastes like a sort of gjize (cottage cheese), kajmak (cream), or kos (yogurt) of some kind. It’s not clear what’s in it, but it doesn’t matter.

The chicken is really the star of the show, so we’d advise against ordering any other competing meat dishes (the majority of which are comparable to what you can get anywhere else in Prishtina). The best combination my dining partner and I stumbled upon is a whole portion of chicken, a “combination” salad (consisting of carrot, cucumber, cabbage, shope, and potato salad), and french fries. Count the complimentary bread basket as well and you have enough food to keep you full for days.


Te Halimi is a bit out of the way on Tahir Zajmi street – past the bus station – in the Kalabria neighborhood, but is one of those rare restaurants in Prishtina that has a regular stream of diners throughout the week – and it’s tastefully elegant. Expect to see groups of friends, couples, and a few families. The dining room is relaxed and comfortable, and the service is fast and friendly. Also check out the selection of Kosovo wines, which includes some of the best bottles you can find in the country, including Stone Castle’s Cabernet Reserve. A meal with two salads, two side dishes, a half portion of chicken and a bottle of mineral water set us back 15 euros.

21 November 2014 - 14:39

Te Halimi


Tahir Zajmi street (past bus station, off road to Peja).


Monday-Saturday, 8am-11:30pm.


Phone: 049-102-020 or online at tehalimi.net
Facebook Page

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