Sonder: Snug spot featuring bagels and salads

by Mia Marzotto06/07/2017 - 10:41


We are not prone to sweeping declarations, but we loved everything about this new place with a small but well curated menu in uptown Prishtina.

Opened just a few weeks ago, Sonder is a great all-day option, offering a breakfast/lunch menu with homemade bagels and baked goods, lovely salads and fresh juices, as well as small plates and drinks in the evening.

The interior, including the choice of music, was clearly carefully put together to convey a homey feel with an artsy vibe. Seating of various heights is available on the front patio, in the main bright space, and in the lovely hidden back garden.

Compared to the surrounding frenzied architecture of the city, the warm and quiet atmosphere is a welcome contrast.

Salmon bagel and latte. | Photo: Mia Marzotto.

The very friendly staff are quick in serving food prepared with fresh ingredients and great care, both of which make up for the limited menu. New York-style bagels with some classic fillings, like cream cheese and smoked salmon, are definitely the main attraction. Although not quite New York, Sonder’s bagels have a whole-wheat, thick but soft dough and a lovely crunchy flavor with sesame and poppy seeds on the outside.

We also tried the chicken salad with its thinly cut veggies, crunchy nuts and dried cranberries: a creative twist to this weekday lunch staple. As a word of caution, we must say that the portions are a bit on the small side for local standards. But, on the other hand, this means one can end the meal with a delightful mint chocolate chip cookie or banana bread slice (almost) guilt-free.

Chicken salad and fresh orange juice. | Photo: Mia Marzotto.

The food options do not vary for dinner, which is the main drawback we found. However, we really enjoyed the refreshing gin and tonics accompanied by a cheesy tortilla wrap and roasted mixed nuts in apéritif style for the evening.

The fact that there is a back room set up as a study/work space and library turns Sonder into the kind of place were one’s productivity juices can flow for a long time. Also, look out for outdoor yoga classes offered during the summer.

It would be a major plus if the menu was expanded to include a few more meal options or some daily specials. But, whether you are looking to take a quick and delicious lunch break, have an intimate gathering with friends in the back garden, or sip coffee in the company of a good book from the onsite library, Sonders is the spot.

06 July 2017 - 10:41



Rruga Mitrovica n.n


Tue-Fri: 6.45am - 10pm, Sat: 8am - 10pm


Phone: +386 49 255 898
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