Sophisticated setting but simple snacking at Hannah and Friends

by Eve-anne Travers23/07/2018 - 11:03

Hannah and Friends makes for a stylish stop off for wine, snacks or a refreshment before you continue your stroll through Tokbashqe Park.  

As you step inside Hannah and Friends, your eye is immediately drawn to the huge mural next to the bar, a string of striking, larger-than-life women lounging, statuesque, across the wall of this modern industrial-style cafe.

The minimalist but appealing atmosphere the mural gives to the room spreads to the rest of the interior, the ceiling, walls and floor – all plastered with the same unfinished, gray cement hue. However,, with a small open fireplace in the corner and forest green plants and flowers filling the windowsills it still manages to be cozy.

Along with the wide and low tables with oak wooden benches, Hannah and Friends would be the perfect place to work alone with your laptop in peace or to have a beer and socialize with friends, if it wasn’t a hike away from the city center, located at the back end of Tokbashqe park.  

Hannah + Friends interior. | Photo: Eve-Anne Travers.

Its location is not a drawback, however: across the road from the cafe and inside the park itself, a large seating area is cordoned off from the rest of the park using large fairy lights strung from tree to tree, with solid oak wooden tables and chairs and a beautiful view straight into the park itself.

Although the area is right next to Mbreteresha Teuta Street, this sleepy little corner is a quiet place to eat, drink and relax, but can make grabbing the attention of the servers to order food and drinks quite difficult.

On the whole, if you consider Hannah and Friends a cafe and bar rather than a restaurant, it is impressive. For the early risers, they open offering coffee, tea and fresh fruit juices from 7:00 am, along with an impressive selection of wine, refreshing lemonade and both Shok e Shoqe and Sabaja beer on draught until they close at 11:00 pm, with cocktails also available on demand.

The bar often advertises one euro deals on Peja and Sabaja beer throughout the week, so keep an eye on their Facebook page.

Despite being open since April this year, there is still no menu to speak of at Hannah and Friends. Instead, as we were greeted by staff we were offered a choice of soup, sandwich, omelette or chicken fingers, a very middle-of-the-road selection, and perhaps a frustration to those not privy to the incessant stream of fried chicken strips that are available throughout Prishtina.   

Turkey sandwich. | Photo: Eve-Anne Travers.

However, the open sandwich is a real highlight: two slices of soda-style whole grain bread, one side topped with white cheese, fresh tomato slices, spring onion, pumpkin and flaxseed, and the other with turkey, fried egg, sweet red peppers and salad is available for 2.5 euros. The vegetarian option, identical minus the turkey, is still satisfying and fifty cents less.

The omelette was perfectly cooked, spread through with fried spring onions and green peppers, accompanied by sliced tomatoes and white cheese, bread and a side of long, a white cheese and red pepper dip, all for two euros as well.

Hannah and Friends’ online presence gave the impression of ice cream, cakes and desserts on offer, but when we asked for dessert, disappointingly nothing was available. Regardless, Hannah and Friends is incredible value for money, with tasty snacks and a beautiful setting, a great addition to the cafe scene in Prishtina.

23 July 2018 - 11:03


Mbreteresha Teuta Street


Open 7:00 am - 11:00 pm.


Phone: +38349500774
Facebook Page

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